No Bangkok…

The point of the trip in part was to do a free lance story about the uprising against the prime minister and the competition among the separatists groups for control of the Thai executive office.  Planned to video various players, and sell the story with photo and video links to whomever would buy it.

But when we landed at BKK’s Suvarnabhumi there was no transportation from the airport that would get us near the  protests.  The hotel I prepaid was closed—it was in the thick of it on  Sukhamvit.  After assessment, we abandoned the plan to write and film,  hit the jungle and the beach, a bit disappointed.

In retrospect, we are very grateful for the wonderful experience of it all.  Click below for the video of the waterfall, to which we hiked to in the Jungle of Samui…






It’s hot.  More Houston/Louisiana in August hot than AZ hot.  The juicing craze in the States is interesting—buy  $700 Vitamix, $50 of vegs and fruits and have at it.  Here, half a litre of fresh juice made from fruit picked that morning or yesterday runs 40Baht or a buck ten a copy.

You know the coconut craze?  Whole Foods gets $3-$4 for a pint of pasteurized juice from Thailand—read the label. Coconut palms grow like weeds.  Here, at one of these mom and pop roadsides stands there are a mountain of fresh cut coconuts behind the stall ready to go.   A few are bobbing in ice water.  Pay your 40Baht, they machete the top, stick a straw in and smile brightly.  Cheers!

2014-02-05 19.15.52