Taking a Break…

No Dublin this year either after canceling North Africa last year.  Doing a refurb is like standing on a roof tearing up hundred dollar bills. Three times the budget, 6x the time  to complete.  Bids and estimates mean nothing in this world.  Yet its fun and we are a month away.

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More on Stoics


They were not understood by most. Their teaching froze 2,000 years ago, hasn’t advanced since, and won’t because their philosophy was neither practical nor soaring. It works only for those indifferent to wealth,  the good things in life, circumstance.  A minority.  Stoics  don’t give a shit about  being scorned or suffering.  That is because they experience and accept life as a bundle of never ending shocks—hunger, cold, offense, loss and fear.   In face of all of it they say, “so what ?”

And that feels mighty exhilarating.


Double masted, schooner rigged Mayan was his muse.  I saw her every time I sailed out of SB.  Port side slip, 47 feet of Honduran teak.  For the “Parade of Lights” every year he ran CSN&Y CDs up and down her stays. He was a careful sailor, the local salts told me.  At sea he was not a drugged out counter-cultural icon–artist, much as I wished he had been.  What did he write on board? ( “Lee Shore”; “Wooden Ships”; “Deja Vu” too –about being a natural sailor having been one in a former life). Where had he sailed her? (Circumnavigated the globe, but mostly the Caribbean with buddies).  Did Joni Mitchell like the sea too? (Don’t know).  Who else could sail her well?  (Steve Stills–does the lead in ” Southern Cross”).

Miss my Santa Barbara— the sweet marina, the open sea, Leadbetter night swims.



280px-Vladimirskaya Which is more likely:  That the whole world order is suspended, or that a Jewish minx should tell a lie? Christianity is a cult of human sacrifice;  Judaism, Islam, paganism (why a small “p”?) are all based on some notion of superiority and suffering.  Isn’t it true that placebos work?  So  go ahead. Really, what ever helps you through the night.

I like a little dope on the beach, whisky indoors, a long solo run, a scary night swim after a beer or two in cold water.  You dig Jesus, Muhammad, Solomon, Buddha. Here’s the thing. Those folks were just dudes trying to figure it out. Just like you and me.  No better, no worse.  Just humans giving it their best shot (perhaps with a little more fervor than the evidence justified).

These were all talented, charismatic chaps who would test well on the MMPI and Meyers Briggs. Bottom line, they were just guessing too (not that they would admit it) like us.  Not their fault that others born later thought it was a good idea to kill folks who did not follow their ideas lockstep, or saw it differently.

Don’t turn in your Christmas tree, skip Passover or Ramadan. Maybe just don’t hate/ridicule/disenfranchise me because I don’t see things your way?

Chill, have a beer. Watch a sunset.

Beryl Markham


We began when the sky was clean and ready for the sun and you could see your breath and smell traces of the night. We began every morning at that same hour, using what we were pleased to call the Nairobi Aerodrome, climbing away from it with derisive clamour, while the burghers of the town twitched in their beds and dreamed perhaps of all unpleasant things that drone — of wings and stings, and corridors of bedlam.

Querencia Zen Home

Design notions from Spain: The wounded bull seeks a forgiving, shady place in the Spanish ring of death, gushing blood and out of his mind in pain. Away from the sword, in this soft place of the ring, he is not yet mortally defeated.

Zen: Morphing our human bullring (the abrasive world of career and a thousand cuts) into sanctuary means eliminating clutter, abrasive electronics and yakking. Home must offer peace, soothing tranquility and a sacred personal space to recollect, self nourish and heal.

Querencia means protection from intrusion and demands. The outside world is not welcome.  Unless invited.